Zirconio Dental Implants in Buenos Aires

What to choose: Zirconium or titanium implants?
At the moment that the patient suffers the fall of one or several dental pieces and the dentist recommends using dental implants to replace it both for his health and for his dental aesthetics, the first doubt that may arise is whether to use zirconium or dental implants titanium.
In this article we will discuss the differences between these two materials, their advantages and, finally, to make dental implants more effective, we will talk about the reasons why a dental implant can fail.

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FAQ about ZIRCONIO Dental Implants

Zirconium dental implants. What are they?

If you are not familiar with this term, a dental implant is a solution for tooth loss, that is, for the replacement of teeth. Its placement is carried out by surgery.
The zirconium implant is a type of dental implant that differs from the rest because it is made of a ceramic material: zirconium. They are free of metallic materials. They are known as white, aesthetic or ceramic implants.
The most commonly used dental implant materials are titanium and zirconium.
Ceramic implants ceased to be used due to their fragility: their high rates of loss of integration and fracture. However, since then new ceramic materials have appeared. It could be said that zirconium implants are the improved version of these.

Characteristics and advantages of zirconium implants

• Aesthetics: Zirconium dental implants are characterized by giving the mouth an image very similar to that of natural teeth. Being a type of white ceramic, the results are highly aesthetic. They offer better aesthetic results than classic metal implants.
• Resistance: Zirconium is a very resistant material.
• Biocompatible: It is not rejected by the organism.
• Its degree of osseointegration is similar or superior to that of titanium.
• It is not an allergenic material.
• High resistance to temperature changes.
• Durable: It is a very durable type of implant.
Finally, the zirconium implant is the best option for patients allergic to metallic materials.

Differences between zirconium and titanium implants

If you have ever asked yourself “What is the best dental implant?” We will try to answer this question, however, such a decision depends on the case of the patient.
Titanium is a biocompatible material (it is not rejected by the organism), but in addition to that, it is a very resistant material that withstands great pressures.
However, in the aesthetic field it poses certain problems if teeth are replaced in the upper and anterior line of the mouth since if the gum surface is lost, the gray metallic surface can be discovered or exposed. Zirconium dental implants are less allergenic than titanium implants.

Causes that zirconium implants or any type of implant fail

When in doubt of the patients if the implants fall, it should be answered that no. They do not fall, what can happen is that they fail to integrate. This may be due to both the patient’s causes and other reasons.
The main reasons for the failure of the zirconium implant or any type of dental implant are the following:
• Patient health problems: There have been cases in which the patient suffered from some type of disease and the implants fail. These can be: diabetes, hypertension, etc.
• Patient habits: Dental hygiene is essential for the success of the implant. There are cases in which the reason for the failure of an implant is poor dental hygiene of the patient or frequent consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
• Implant quality: Oral health is essential, so we must always choose the best quality implants. An implant is something that will remain with us for a long time and we should not skimp.
• Professionalism: It is always advisable to go to centers where we know of the existence of excellent professionals.
• Go to the exams periodically: Whether you suffer from discomfort or not, it is important to go to the dentist to check that everything is ongoing.
Another question that arises among patients is “When do you realize if the surgery has been successful?” To this question there is no single answer. There are patients who begin to suffer discomfort after a few days, others at weeks and, finally, others after a few months. For this reason it is essential to go to the dentist at the time of suffering a medical condition.
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