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High Level Dental Clinic

Dental DAS Group was born from the merger of two important dental clinics: Siderman Dental Aesthetic Clinic and the Dental Clinic Argentina.

The Siderman Dental Aesthetic Clinic providing more than 50 years of experience in the field of dental aesthetics and complex rehabilitations with dental implants and porcelain.

The Argentina Dental Clinic specializes in express complex treatments and advanced dental techniques with cutting-edge computer technology.

For us the most important thing is the satisfaction of those who trust us.

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Our Mission

Find new opportunities to offer our services to more patients, unconditional respect with our patients, extensive knowledge of the market and professional management of dental treatments.

Our Vission

Being the reference dental center in Buenos Aires and Latin America recognized for its trajectory, quality of service, extensive experience and safety provided to patients.

We believe that the best treatment that can be offered combines solid knowledge, sense of aesthetics and human warmth.


Inspire to achieve and maintain your new smile.

Not only professional excellence and human warmth distinguish Dental DAS Group from other centers. It puts them at the technological forefront of advanced equipment that allows solving any dental problem in hours and with surprising results.

Juan DillonJournalist
Juan Dillon

The Dental Das Group team is super professional and aesthetic. The perfect combination. They gave me incredible teeth, and they take care of ten!

Lucía Martínez NashInfluencer Fashion & Travel
Lucía Martinez Nash

I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO THE DENTIST! In my 23 years of life I had very bad experiences, that even the glove turned into a balloon could not reverse. But the Dental DAS Group team surprised me 100%. Not only did they explain EVERYTHING with great patience and sweetness, but they made my visit a complete experience.

Rochi GrimaldiJournalist and TV Driver
Rosario Grimaldi

Drs. Gustavo and Marisol Telo Video


Many press media have highlighted our work and career, highlighting the professionalism of our staff, the personalized attention we provide and the latest technology that we have incorporated into all the treatments we perform. And we plan to continue innovating so that our patients always have the best.

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